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Fuzyo Studio is a team of creative and technical experts who provide custom-made productions such as website development, podcasts, visual design, and writing content.
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Fuzyo Studio provides its clients with complete digital solutions, starting with in-depth strategy consultation, in order to develop the best online marketing campaigns.

Videos, podcasts, web content, motion design... Fuzyo Studio is a team of creative and technical experts who provide their clients with custom-made productions.

Fuzyo Studio designs personalised and perfectly ergonomic websites and applications for smartphones or tablets, enabling users to easily identify our clients' brand and its values.

Digital marketing is at the heart of all of Fuzyo Studio's work. We develop content for our clients across all online media, always with the objective of achieving a consistent return on investment.

With their experts in design, Fuzyo Studio is able to develop graphics for all of their clients' web content, always with a focus on enhancing the user experience.

Marketing strategy
Client support
Fuzyo Studio creates a close relationship with its clients to support them on a daily basis in their thinking. We analyse and design production with them, we monitor and optimise their marketing campaigns and projects.
Audit & Benchmark
Benchmarking and monitoring: we analyse our clients' competitive universe on B2C and B2B channels.
Strategic recommendations
We develop brand strategies, on owned and external channels.
To create a personalized brand universe, we are particularly attentive to its visual identity, values and branding. We work to ensure its visibility and ownership by its target.
Digital Innovations
With Fuzyo's digital experts, our customers benefit from the best innovation opportunities to increase their development.
Content production
Multimedia production
We design and produce audiovisual and multimedia content to optimize internal communication and enhance our clients' external communication.
Motion Design
We create motion design for presentations, products/services, storytelling, corporate or informative communication.
2D / 3D Animation
In both 2D and 3D, we create animation videos, visuals, commercials, logo animation, trailers, TV generics and more.
Podcasts are a trendy medium and a very interesting opportunity for brands. We help them to create their own, to define their strategy, their role and their target. As well as all the technical and visual aspects: its title, its narrative and all the elements that will make it a fresh and modern content.  We are also there to distribute their content on digital platforms.
Sound Design
Fuzyo Studio gives brands the opportunity to benefit from an expertise in audio creation with production, casting, voice-overs, sound atmospheres.
Editorial (News letter, Articles, Blog, Reports)
Fuzyo Studio is a force of proposal and entirely focused on content visibility, and works alongside its clients to design and write their websites, blogs, newsletters and their search engine optimization.
Web and mobile development
Web and mobile development
Fuzyo Studio's web & mobile development experts create optimized websites and applications (native or hybrid, web app, etc.) for our clients to modernize their tools or launch their services online.
We enable our clients to obtain immediate visibility on search engines thanks to the know-how of our experts who support them and manage their acquisition campaigns.
Digital marketing
Inbound Marketing
For brand growth, we implement the right customized approaches to effectively optimize their leads through their website.
Data Marketing
Fuzyo Studio is also a team of experts in data marketing, data engineering, data science and machine learning. They assist clients in the implementation, processing, analysis and optimization of their data and provide them with decision support reports.
Google Ads campaigns
Our experts in SEA management and optimization develop advertising campaigns for our clients on Google Ads & Bing Ads platforms.
Programmatic Campaigns
We support our customers in the development of their digital advertising campaigns through innovative devices, enabling them to optimize their advertising expenses.
Email campaigns
Fuzyo Studio gives a boost and acceleration to mailing campaigns and newsletters thanks to its expertise in HTML, CSS and copywriting.
Influencers campaigns
We support our clients to promote their products and brand on social networks, with the media and influencers.
Social media management
We develop our clients' social media strategy and provide them with a full range of writing and publishing services for social networks, with real-time KPI tracking.
Content creation
We develop our clients' social media strategy and provide them with a full range of writing and publishing services for social networks, with real-time KPI tracking.
We develop marketing strategies for our clients to bring their qualified leads to their e-commerce site, using a customized PPC process.
For each content and digital interface dedicated to its clients, Fuzyo Studio first reflects on the best possible user experience.
Fuzyo Studio creates for its clients a creative universe that corresponds to their brand image, while offering them new and inspiring ideas to obtain a unique and impactful digital design.
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Fuzyo Studio brings its experience and its experts together with the same objective: to globalise and to manage your digital marketing campaigns, down to the smallest detail.
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